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Schoen Associates designed a multi-family housing complex in a vacant and neglected 80,000 square foot warehouse building in the heart of Grand Forks.  The former Kedney Warehouse is a massive five story concrete and brick building still structrally sound since its construction in 1922.  In keeping with the "warehouse" theme, the renovation used materials to capture the personality of the building by lining the hallways with corrugated metal and using bolted metal plates for apartment numbers.
The existing freight elevator was recreated with glass and steel cab installed to expose the passing levels and existing construction.  The original concrete columns run down the center of the main hallway and are exposed in the spacious unique apartments where ever possible.  The distinctive appeal of the apartments is enhanced by the high ceilings, minimal interior partion walls and rich dark hardwood kitchen cabinets and floors.  Large windows infuse the spaces with natural light and offer extensive views of the city of Grand Forks.

The character of the original building was preserved with extensive sand blasting, stripping and cleaning of all the concrete and common brick masonry walls.  The basement was cleared to accommadate underground parking for tenants, as  well as building storage and mechaniicl and electrical rooms.
The Warehouse Apartments site was shaped and landscaped and gives off its beauty to the tenants and surronding community.

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